Hair Follicle Drug Testing

There are many home drug tests available today such as the one found at Tests such as these are a great way for parents who have reason to suspect their child is abusing drugs.

There are a few different types of home-based drug tests available on the market today. The most commonly used ones take samples of your urine, saliva, or hair located close to your scalp to check for drugs. Many parents prefer using hair samples for drug testing

How Using Hair Sampling for Drug Testing Works

The way that hair sampling for drug testing works is that once you get a sample of hair from your child’s head that’s about an inch and a half away from the scalp. The location here is important because this is where any chemicals your child has ingested within the past 90 days are found. Once obtained you ship the sample off to a lab. Within a few days, you’ll receive your results.

Things to Look Out for When Using Hair Sampling for Drug Testing

It’s important you understand this isn’t a full proof form of drug testing. Children can get samples from their peers. Also, if they’re using bleach or other hair products samples can become skewed. However, when properly safeguarded and administered hair follicle drug tests are better because they hold chemical traces from drugs for a longer time than blood and urine, which only retain them for days. What this means is any person expecting a blood or urine drug test can stop using drugs for a few days and the test will then come back “clean.”

One word of caution with hair follicle drug testing: It takes 10 days for drugs to make their way to your scalp. With this in mind, any recently taken drugs won’t show up in the test. As such, these tests are better when you’re attempting t catch long-term use instead of a first-time offender.

While signs of drug abuse may exist in your children, you won’t know for sure unless you drug test them. Confirming a problem exists is the first step in getting them the help they need.